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Pink & Grey Wedding Theme

Pink and grey is a colour combination made in heaven. It’s a classic duo that has stood the test of time and works universally for all weddings, no matter what theme you are going for.

From blush pink shades to hotter pinks, to steel greys and lighter greys, there’s a whole host of variation to choose from within these two main colours.

The great thing about pink and grey, is that they are so versatile and can be brought into all aspects of the wedding, from the gents suits, to the bouquets, to the stationary to the room décor itself, the possibilities are endless. Plus because it’s a popular colour combination it should be relatively easy to find lots of fab décor to dress your room.

Here’s some visual inspiration for you. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly if you wish to chat about any aspect of your wedding planning and décor.



Grey suits are a universally flattering choice for the groom and/or groomsmen. Pairing them with a pink tie is always a winner and if you’re not sure what to pick in terms of colours for the gents, then you can’t go wrong with this combo. Also it’s a colour that works well for bridesmaids, think blush pink gowns with grey florals or vice versa or try alternating colours in your gowns for an on trend contrast.  




Again, there’s something so classically beautiful about pink and grey florals and they are colours that are generally speaking going to work with most dresses, suits and skin tones. You don’t have to stick with the lighter, blush tones of course. You can add in pops of hot pink and sharp steel grey too, or even succulents with shades of pink and grey to mix things up and give it a vibrant twist.


On The Table

Have fun with table cloths from steel grey to blush pink. Think oversized pom poms in a range of pinks alongside grey lanterns, pink ribbon, roses and don’t forget Mason jars sprayed in shades of the two colours. You could also extend the theme into your chairs, with sashes, or draping to add a show stopping finish.



The Cake

Marble and granite are two very on trend effects right now in terms of weddings and for this colour palette, it tends to work very well for cakes. Think pink layers, marble effect layers and playing around with textures from mirror shine, to buttercream to fondant icing, interspersed with touches of glitter here and there.


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Groomsman Gifts

It can often be the bridesmaids who get most of the attention when it comes to tokens of thanks, but them groomsmen and best man are just as much a part of the wedding day as the ladies and indeed if it’s groom marrying groom, there’s even more groomsmen to think about.

It’s a lovely gesture to give your best man and groomsmen just something small to say thank you for all their help and support in the run up to your big day, which you may have been planning for months or indeed years. Also don’t forget these people tend to be your closest friends and family so you’ve shared a lot over the years and this is the perfect time to think about a really thoughtful gift, they’ll really appreciate.

If you’d like to chat about this or any aspect of your wedding day décor or planning, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Nothing says special like jewellery and you don’t have to spend a fortune to pick up some really thoughtful pieces that will mean a great deal to your best man and groomsmen. Think about watches, antique style pocket watches, cufflinks, tie clips or even money clips or pens.

Personalising your gift is a wonderful idea. It means each time he uses it, he’ll hopefully think of the wedding day and all the fun he had in the run up and on the day itself. Thankfully these days practically anything can be personalised, so don’t limit yourself, but some nice suggestions are; hipflasks, toolboxes, leather toiletry bags with initials, wallets with each man’s name, the wedding date or initials on them.


If you and your groomsmen are a dapper group, then definitely think about investing in some really smart accessories for the big day. Think socks, boxers, bowties and handkerchiefs. Also why not consider some designer shades to match, retro style braces, flat caps or even shoes? And if they can wear them again after the wedding then it’s an even bigger bonus!

Funny Gifts
Finally remember to have some fun with these gifts too and reflect all the great times you’ve had together and your common interests, so if could mean superhero, movie or sport style cufflinks, funny printed t-shirts, mini hangover kits in personalised boxes or even special glasses with some of their favourite tipple packaged in a survival box. The list is endless.


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Choosing the Wedding Suits

Men can sometimes be forgotten to an extent in the wedding attire process. We tend to put a lot of emphasis on finding the dress, but for the groom or indeed grooms, finding the right suit is just as important. If your husband-to-be is not really the shopping type or into his fashion as such, then it can be tempting to jump in and try push him towards a certain type of suit, but bear in mind, even if he’s not a fashionista he’ll still have his own thoughts on how he should look and feel, so take that into account.

The most important points to remember are; finding a suit that feels comfortable and fits well. After that it’s really up to personal choice and what’s going to fit in with the style of the day. The groomsmen suits should then follow easily after the groom’s suit has been chosen.

If you’d like to chat about any aspect of your wedding plans, from themes, to décor to choosing a venue, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


Why You Should Buy Your Suits
The big dilemma is always do you buy or rent your suit? There’s a few things to consider. While buying your suit or suits will be more expensive, you will most likely get a better, made to measure fit and higher quality suit. If you’re planning to wear the suit again, even a couple of times, the return on investment is really worth it. If you are planning to buy your suit, then you can always rent the groomsman’s suits to cut down on the costs. Finally, consider that you can always customise your own suit much more than a rented version. And you’ll have it for all time too.


Why You Should Rent Your Suits
Renting your suit is better value and these days there are a myriad of expert suit hire companies who should have something to complement your personal taste. Keep in mind when you need to collect and leave back the suits, especially if you’re getting married further afield as you may incur extra charges if you leave it back late. Another advantage of renting is that you can make sure the groom and groomsmen’s suit match perfectly.

The Fit
The fit of your suit is the most important thing to consider. It has to be cut to suit your body shape and be as-made-to-measure as possible, buying your suit is obviously an advantage in this case, but you can still find a good fit in a rented suit too. Think about the different styles you like to wear normally, be it skinny fit or something more traditional and classic. Don’t be pressured into choosing something you’re not comfortable with.


Once you’ve chosen the fit, style is really the next consideration. Do you want something modern and slim? A three piece suit? A tuxedo, or even a full dress Ascot style morning suit? It will all depend on what you’re comfortable in and importantly on the theme of the day; is it a more laid back, rustic style wedding or is it a very formal affair? Also consider the time of year as the weather will place a role in the sort of fabric you go for.


Don’t be afraid to have fun with your choice of colours. Gone are the days of just having black as a choice. Today think blue, navy and grey which are all popular colours at the moment. For something a little more daring consider tweed or burgundy!


Finally don’t forget the little accessories that will really make your suits look stunning. Choose from ties or bowties. A cravat, or no tie at all! Consider vintage style pocket watches, braces, hankies in the top pocket, colourful socks and even hats. The only limit is your imagination!


Non White Wedding Dresses

While many women will confess to having dreamt of walking down the aisle in a white dress at some point in their lives, not every bride wants to wear white on their big day. Indeed, today’s modern bride has a myriad of beautiful choices for what to wear on her wedding day and the traditional white gown is now only one choice in a varied field of options. Catwalks are now often full of alternative wedding dress colours, from pastels, to off whites, to blush, blues, canary yellows and much more. And even if you’ve never really considered anything but white or ivory, it’s nice to know that you’ll have the option of trying on something different in many bridal boutiques around the country.

Finally remember that your wedding day is a really special one and hopefully you’ll only be walking down the aisle once in your lifetime, so you need to make sure you are wearing the dress you want. Not the dress someone else wants you to wear. So if you’ve always wanted to have a blush pink, or champagne coloured dress then make sure you follow through and try to find the dress of your dreams.

If you’d like to chat about any aspect of your wedding planning or room décor, then please get in touch today.


Off White
Off white might not sound like a massive deviation from the traditional white wedding dress, although as you journey through your wedding dress search you’ll begin to realise that many dresses which appear white, are indeed ivory. That said there are a few off white colours to consider that will give a little inflection of colour difference. Think champagne, ivory, eggshell and true cream.



Blush and Pale Blue
Blush has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, Jessica Biel famously donned a blush pink gown for her big day and it’s a colour that’s certainly becoming a very real choice amongst brides. This year expect to see some pale blues making an appearance. The beauty of both of these colours, is that they are light injections of colour, rather than a deep, rich, bold colour, so that if you do fancy something different to white, but don’t want to stray too far, both of these pale inflections of colours are worth considering.



Watercolour Gowns
A big trend for this year is a move toward watercolour style dresses. Think elegant prints and florals with an almost painted feel to them either as a pattern on the dress or as the entire colour. What’s great about these dresses is that, again, they aren’t too overwhelming in terms of bright colours, yet are still feel individual and unique.



Daring colours
Choosing a red, yellow, green, purple or even black wedding dress may be far from the norm, there’s absolutely nothing to say you cannot choose to have a more vivid colour for your wedding dress. Indeed, if it’s always been your dream to walk down the aisle in red, then do it! Never feel under pressure to wear white because it is your special day and you want to make sure everything is as you want it to be.

Wedding Veil Alternatives

For many brides the idea of a long veil is something they’ve looked forward to wearing since childhood. Playing with net curtains as little girls, they cannot wait to wear their own veil for real. But not every woman is into a traditional style veil and thankfully these days the modern bride has a massive choice when it comes to what she wears on her head (if anything!) on her wedding day.

Today there’s a real trend for re-inventing the retro, such as the 1920’s Juliet cap or Gatsby style headband, as well as Jackie-O style pill box hats, blusher veils and even top hats to be seen. Ultimately, it really comes down to personal choice. Simply put, stick with what would love to wear down the aisle. If that happens to be a flower crown or a bling encrusted headband then make sure to run with that and don’t feel you trapped into wearing a traditional veil.

If you’d like to chat with about how I can help plan any aspect of your big day, then please get in touch.


From the 1960s style Jackie-O pill box, to modern streamlined designs, to wide brims and even top hats, there’s plenty to choose from if you’ve always wanted to float down the aisle with a hat rather than a veil. Remember to discuss the hat with your hairstylist and if possible have your trial with the hat of choice.


Headbands have been popular since the 1920s and they’ve still got a huge following today. Whether you prefer a bling encrusted style piece that sits on top of your head, or a simpler wreath style or even a retro Gatsby style headband that goes across your forehead, it’s a look that really lets you have ultimate choice on how you wear your hair.


If the idea of a headband doesn’t appeal to you, yet you still want something special to wear in your hair, then a headpiece could be just the thing. From sparkly slides and combs, to larger eye-catching pieces that will sit into your updo or even as a cap style piece, you can really let you imagination run riot with all of the options on offer.


For all the boho loving brides out there, flowers are a wonderful choice. From large colourful floral crowns, to blooms, dotted into your updo or slotted into the side of your hair, it’s a naturally beautiful look that can work no matter what the season with some carefully chosen flowers to reflect the time of year. Don’t forget you can always go for synthetic flowers as well as fresh blooms.


Variations on a Veil
If you want to pay homage to the traditional veil, but still want to put your own stamp on the look, then there are lots of great veil variations to think about. Consider a retro blusher or birdcage veil, covering just your face. A flyaway veil will cover your shoulders, or you could channel your retro 1920s bridal look with a side veil or Juliet cap.