vintage wedding theme

Vintage Wedding Theme

The wonderful thing about a vintage wedding theme, is that it can apply to practically any time period in history. It’s not specific to one era, so you can really have fun and hone in on one time period that you like, or pull from many to make it your own.

Often, a vintage wedding theme means spending some time rummaging in attics or going to auctions where you can pick up some amazing finds for next to nothing. Think gramophones, china, old weighing scales, typewriters and even antique suitcases.

With all of that in mind, here’s some visual inspiration for you, to get the ideas flowing. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly if you wish to chat about any aspect of your wedding planning and décor.



Start as you mean to go on and bring a touch of the vintage to your wedding attire. Think 1950s style tea length dresses, or carefully embellished 1920s inspired gowns with Gatsby style head pieces. Why not go back further and channel your inner Jane Austin with an Empire line gown. You could also ask your guests to embrace your theme and wear something with a nod to the vintage to it as well.



Most of us choose to have a snazzy car for our wedding day, but why not seek out a genuine vintage car to bring you to the ceremony and reception? Think beyond just the luxury Rolls Royce and consider vintage VW camper vans, Cadillac’s, vintage cars that go back to the 1920s/30s or why not get a vintage style bus for your guests?


On the Table

There’s so many ways to bring a touch of vintage into your wedding table centrepieces very simply with vintage style jugs, lanterns, china and teapots. You don’t have to go for those more obvious choices either. Why not use old books, vintage style cans and jars, even an old typewriter or weighing scales would look stunning too.


Around the Room

Pieces like gramophones make ideal props for dotting around your wedding venue. Why not dress them up with florals? Stack vintage style suitcases around the room. Why not put that vintage dresser to use and have it as your cake or dessert table? Or if you really want to make a splash why not have flat shoes or flip flops for the guests to pop on at dancing time and let them leave their heels in the dresser? If you’re having something for guests to put their wedding cards in, why not use a vintage birdcage or retro postbox?


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1950s Americana Style Wedding

If you’re looking to try and spice up your wedding décor with something a little different, then why not consider a sprinkling of 50s retro American style kitsch? If you and your husband or wife to be love the era and icons like Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe, have a penchant for rock ‘n’ roll and love the quirky fashion from the time, then it’s the perfect theme for your wedding day.

It’s all about having a little fun and you can really go as full on or a subtle as you like. Think about tea length dresses for the bride, polka dots for the bridesmaids and even a little Pink ladies and T Birds vibe a la Grease. Channel the trend in your food with modern takes on diner inspired American classics like sliders, posh dogs, Coca-Cola, milkshakes and popcorn.
Why not hire a retro style Chevrolet as your wedding transport, have a retro photobooth with 50s style props and have a juke box in your venue too playing the hits from the ear?

If you’d like to chat about this, or any other aspect of your wedding day décor or planning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.


The Fashion
Set the tone for the day with the fashion and have a tea length dress for the bride. Think lots of lace and short veils and why not mix it up and have converse shoes instead of heels? For the bridesmaids why not have bright polka dots or have some Grease style pink ladies chic elements to the hair and makeup.

Table Décor
Music is a huge part of the Americana era, it was all about rock ‘n’ roll, so why not have records as your table names and as you centrepieces? Think about including nods to the big icons of the era, such as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. Have mismatched retro china and glassware reminiscent of the era. Lace was big, so think about having lace table runners to for added elegance.


Creative Touches
What about arriving in a pink Cadillac as your wedding car? Nothing screams 50s kitsch like a caddy car or truck, no matter what the colour. Also why not have pieces like jukeboxes, vintage luggage, old fashioned food crates filled with florals and retro style photobooths with lots of 50s props for guests to have fun with.


Food and Drinks
You can really have fun with your food with this theme. Think retro Americana in the form of old fashioned Coca-Cola glass bottles, milkshakes, 50s style champagne towers, straws, ice cream cones, hot dogs, sliders and popcorn to name but a few.



Vintage Tea Party Wedding Theme

If you or your partner are a lover of all things vintage, then why not consider having a vintage tea party theme for your wedding day? It’s a really beautiful theme that has huge scope for creativity. You can find plenty of the items you need readily available and also it can work well for all sorts of budgets.

The beauty of this theme is that you can really let your imagination run riot. Think petit fours, vintage tea cups, china sets, teapots, doilies, tea leaves, scones, bunting and much more. If you’ve got some vintage suitcases in your attic, then haul them down and use them as wonderful focal points around the venue. If you want to impress then why not head to an auction and search out some vintage style china to use as centrepieces or even in your table plan or favours?

If you’d like to chat about this or any aspect of your wedding day planning or décor, then please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.



Think vintage style tea cups stacked on saucers or side plates for simple, yet stunning centrepieces. Why not put candles or florals in the cups, or arrange a vintage tea pot on top of retro book stacks and have florals popping out the spout? Old fashioned tea caddy’s and tins also work really well as part of your centrepieces. If you want to impress then why not create a teacup candelabra instead of the traditional versions?



For a vintage tea party theme, it’s got to be tea for your favours. Fab puns abound, like – the perfect blend, love is brewing, let love brew, you’re tea-rific, etc. Why not have tea leaves presented to each guest in test tubes, or design some printed paper bags, or splash out on specially selected blends in personalised tins.  The sky’s the limits really, as to how much you want to customise them. You could also add some sweet treats like macaroons or cookies or if you want to impress why not present each guest with a vintage cup and saucer with a pouch of tea inside?





Who doesn’t salivate at the thought of afternoon tea? And it’s easy to incorporate it into your wedding day with afternoon tea style dessert tables stacked with goodies. Consider having mini scones filled with jam and cream as an alternative to canapés for the guests on arrival. Why not have cocktails served from teapots or have afternoon tea complete with sandwiches, scones and cakes as your guests midnight feast served on traditional afternoon tea trays?


Around the Room

Think bunting, lots of bunting! Bunting is incredibly cheap and easy to source so you can afford to have lots of fun with it. Why not get it personalised with the couple’s names or wedding date on it? Simple items such as vintage style suitcases piled high can make great focal points around your venue and are ideal for guest’s gifts or cards. Doilies and vintage tea parties are a match made in heaven, but if you want a new take on doilies then why not use then for your table plans, with each table written on a doilies? The same goes for the vintage china, why not turn it on its head and use it for your table plans?