French Romance Wedding Theme

French romance. It often doesn’t get more beautiful than that for a wedding theme and it’s one that is a universally chic choice that will stand the test of time.  Think dreamy and ethereal colours and textures of creams, pinks, French greys and Versailles style gilding.

Elegant draping and romantic fairylights help to set the scene, as well as candelabras, blush florals and chic Chiavari or Hannah Jane chairs.

Of course French food and drinks are key. Think an array of sweet treats like macaroons, mini cookies and pink champagne too.

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Getting the colour palette right, will really help to set off this stunningly romantic wedding theme. So consider carefully choices such as pinks, blush, creams, gilding, French grey and lavender. Be creative with how you use these fabulous colours. Think about having them in your flowers, bouquets and bridesmaids dresses as well as the general décor.



Channel the dreamy French romantic feeling with lots of draping and fairy lights. Think about using draping on entrances, from ceilings and on chairs to really ramp up the look. Intersperse with romantic fairylights, curtain lights and plenty of candles in varying sizes. Also use pin lighting, gobo lighting and coloured lighting to great effect.



Table Décor

Soft colours and a touch of gilding are key for this look. So consider having floral centrepieces, tall candelabras and lots of candles. Think lanterns filled with florals, gilded glassware, antique style menus and beautiful Hannah Jane or Chiavari Chairs to complete the look.


Food and drinks

When it comes to food and drinks, the French are masters, so why not incorporate it into your wedding day? Think Macaroons, croquembouche towers, elegant French fancies and lots of sweet treats, like delicately iced sugar cookies. And don’t forget the pretty pink champagne in antique style glassware with non-alcoholic versions on offer too.


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Wedding Cake Alternatives

For the likes of many of our parent’s generations, wedding cake was almost always a fruit cake. Over the years things have moved on with more variety being introduced, culminating with the popularity of the chocolate biscuit cake in the late 90s and noughties. Today, we’ve seen a massive shift in what can be considered a wedding cake. It’s not just the variety of the fillings which are now featuring everything from red velvet to chocolate fudge! Instead, couples are now thinking bigger and wider than ever before and going for unusual options that aren’t even in the strictest sense of the word ‘cakes’. Everything from doughnut towers, to macaroons, to even savoury options like cheese and how could we forget the meteoric rise of the tasty cakepop?

The wonderful thing about your wedding day though, is that it is YOUR day and you don’t have to be bound by convention. If you want to have a tower of profiteroles as your wedding cake, then do it! The only limit is your imagination. As an award-winning wedding planner, I’ve helped lots of couples plan the day of their dreams and I’ve seen some truly stunning wedding cake alternatives. Here’s just a few ideas to whet your appetite. In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss your wedding day plans then please get in touch.


Variations on the Cake
There’s so many ways to pay homage to a traditional cake, but in a very modern and unique way. Cakepops have undoubtedly become one of the most popular choices in the last few years, however cupcakes are another tried and tested alternative. Don’t forget the likes of mini cakes, muffins, fairy cakes and even whoopie pies!


Sweet Tables
If you and your husband or wife to be have a major sweet tooth, then why limit yourself to just one wedding cake? Many couples are now shunning the idea in favour of a sweet table packed with a variety of mini cakes and desserts to feast on!


Sweet But Not Cake
So you may still love something sweet, but you’re not keen on a whole cake. Thankfully there are so many wonderfully creative ideas to choose from. Think about doughnuts, cronuts, macaroons, pancakes, rice krispie cakes and even profiteroles. The sky is the limit here.


Not every couple has a sweet tooth and if you and your husband or wife to be aren’t keen on cakes or desserts, then there’s no reason why you can’t go for something savoury instead! Indeed, the ‘cheese-cake’ has become quite popular in recent times. Think of beautiful cheese towers decorated with flowers or fruits, full of tiers of your favourites, or indeed why not go for a huge wheel of you most loved cheese, such as brie. Also why not think about having savoury pie towers or if you are a sushi fiend then why not go for a pretty sushi tower?