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Dangling Wedding Decor

When it comes to wedding décor, it can be easy to forget about maximising the vertical space you have at your disposal. Hanging or dangling décor can look absolutely show stopping and make the most of your wedding venue.

It requires a little bit of extra thought and you need to let your creativity run wild. You can use pretty much anything in a vertical fashion and tie it in with your theme. For example, if you wanted to channel an Alice in Wonderland style feel then you could suspended china cups, pocket watches or books! The list is endless and the only limit is your imagination.

Lights of course are a biggie to consider and will look jaw dropping. But dangling décor can be budget friendly too, especially with paper items such as pom poms, paper lanterns and streamers.

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Lights work so well as a dangling feature and they ramp up the romantic atmosphere like nothing else. Think about simple additions such as subtle hanging tea lights or mason jars filled with tea lights or some battery operated LED’s. Why not have hanging lanterns of differing sizes. Or for something a little quirky get some industrial style bulbs or get curtain style fairy lights to hang over the tables.


Traditionally florals were focussed on static table centrepieces, but there’s so much more you can do with florals for your décor. Turn the chandeliers in the venue into floral chandeliers or get creative with some DIY floral hula hoops. Suspend chic flower pots, or consult with your florist about some bespoke floral installations or garlands to suspended over tables.

Paper Fun
Paper décor can look really eye-catching, yet it can be very friendly on your budget. Pom poms look incredible suspended over tables, as do paper Chinese lanterns. The beauty of these items is that they are inexpensive, easy to source and come in a whole range of colours. Also think about paper streamers and ribbons.


Finally, don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild when it comes to dangling décor. Almost anything can be used in this way. Items such as birdcages, photos, parasols and umbrellas can be used to great effect. Think about suspending your escort cards for guests, or why not have some moss letters suspended too? If you’re following a particular theme then incorporate this into it as well. If you were following a Mad Hatters Tea Party or Alice in Wonderland themes, then why not have some pocket watches or teacups suspended from the ceiling?


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Wedding String Up Lights

Lighting is a key factor to consider in your wedding day planning. It can set the tone for the evening and in an instant add atmosphere and indeed even change the look and feel of your wedding venue. String or bistro lights are a fantastic way to add some key lighting that can range from subtle to dramatic. Think about the features of your wedding venue. Does it have a balcony? Large windows? Trees or indoor beams? All of these can be highlighted into focal points with string lights very easily and quite economically.

Also if you’ve got an outdoor area for your wedding then string lights are the ideal way to make it super romantic and special. Think about winding the string lights onto trellis, branches, patios, beams and more. Make sure to discuss your ideas for using the lights with your venue in advance, as they may also have suggestions on ways to incorporate string lights for your big day.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day plans then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Fairylights are a bit of a classic when it comes to weddings and the deliver atmosphere in spades. Look for fairylights that can be used in different ways, such as for a backdrop behind the top table or in different sections of your wedding venue for maximum impact.


If you’ve got a balcony in your venue then it is crying out to be highlighted with some stunning cascading string lights. Chose from smaller fairy style lights or larger bistro style lights depending on your overall theme. If you don’t have a balcony what about using them to cascade down a feature wall for an eye-catching focal point.


Wrap Around
If you’ve got large vertical or horizontal beams in your venue, then think about wrapping string lights around them to make them a complete feature in the room. Also if you’ve got indoor tress or plants at your disposal, wrapping lights around them can really work too. If you have a staircase, why not wrap string lights around the bannisters? If you’ve got an awkward pillar in the room, wrapping lights around it can turn it from eye sore into feature in a flash. Of course if you’re having your reception outside or have an outside section then think about wrapping string lights on branches and trees too.


Curtain Lights
If your venue has long, large windows why not think about using string lights as a curtain? It can look incredible and make use of the large windows when the sun goes down. Pair it with some draping for added subtle atmosphere.
curtain lights


Finally, don’t forget that you can also use string lights to hang over your tables, both indoor and outdoor. If you’re using long tables then think about having a vertical curtain of light hanging over them for a beautiful effect. Or you can go DIY and use hula hoops and string the lights around with greenery for a rustic chic hanging chandelier style string light.

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