Travel Themed Wedding

While not every couple chooses a conscious theme for their big day, it is a nice touch to try and include your shared passions in some way. Why? Well for one thing, it will make the day feel more personalised and special, as it will reflect both of you as a couple. Many couples have a love of travel, for example, and indeed this theme is one of the most popular I see as an award-winning wedding coordinator. It’s popular for some many reasons- You may have taken a year out travelling the globe together, or indeed met while you were away. You might both be from Ireland, but live abroad in places such as Australia or Canada and have come home to say ‘I Do’.

Here are some of my top tips for travel related décor in your wedding day. If you’d like to discuss your wedding day needs in more detail, please get in touch.

Giving your wedding stationary a bit of a wanderlust makeover is a simple way to inject a bit of personality into proceedings. Think about having mini passport style save the dates or boarding card invitations, travel themed menus or even orders of service for the ceremony.


Table Plan
The table plan really allows for some fun, no matter what your theme is. But when it comes to a wedding theme you can ramp up the cute factor with all sorts of maps related seating plans, globes and luggage tags galore.


On the Table
Small things done well can really bring the wow factor to your wedding and a travel theme is no exception. Simple centrepieces of your favourite travel books, mini globes, postcards from your favourite destinations as table names, and real luggage tags as place cards can look stunning and be a bit of a fun ice breaker for the guests too.


Your wedding cake is always going to be something of a centrepiece that most guests take the time to have a look at. So why not make it a cornerstone of your theme? Think tiers of suitcases, globes, cruise ships, planes, the Eiffel tower, the Sydney opera house and anything your imagination can think of! And don’t forget your canapés. If you and your partner adore sushi from Japan, or can’t get enough of American BBQ why not reflect this on your pre-dinner canapés or your midnight snack?


Photo Props
Finally, using props in your photos is a lasting way to include a travel theme into your day. Think about using vintage suitcases for some of the pictures or have guests throw plane shaped confetti!

Dog Friendly Wedding

For many of us, our four-legged friends are part of the family. So why wouldn’t we want to include them in our wedding day? Yes it’s becoming more and more popular to include your dog (or dogs!) in your big day! As an award-winning wedding co-ordinator, I’ve seen lots of couples go for a dog friendly wedding and with a bit of planning it can be pretty easily done.

You do need to consider a few things first. The most important is the temperament of your dog. Is he or she happy to be surrounded by crowds of people, many of whom they may not know? Are they a bit wild or giddy and likely to jump up on people’s dresses and suits and possible chew anything from furniture to shoes? Or is your dog an old timer who may not be up to all the stresses of the day? These are things you really have to consider before you decide to include your canine in the celebrations.

If you do think your dog is up for it and you’ve decided to include them, then here’s a few tips to help it all run smoothly. Of course if your dogs temperament isn’t right, then don’t worry there’s plenty of ways around it. If you’d like discuss this or any aspect of your wedding in more detail then please get in touch.


Engagement Photos
If your doggie isn’t the sort who would like to be in the centre of all the wedding day madness, but you’re still very keen to have their presence felt, then why not have some engagement photos done and include your dog? You could even use one of the photos for your save the date or official invites too.


Bridal Party Morning Time
This is probably the easiest way to include your dog in your wedding, especially if you are getting ready on the morning of the wedding at home, as your dog will probably already be there or if not, at least it’s a place where he or she will feel familiar and as such it will be easy to get some snaps with you, your bridal party and the pooch.

In The Ceremony
For most dog owners this is the dream… to have your dog run down the aisle, movie style with the wedding rings on some sort of specially commissioned cushion! In reality it’s not quite that easy. First, check with your church or ceremony venue as to whether they even allow dogs. Some will not. Second, if you do plan on getting your pooch to do this, then try and practice, even if it’s at home. Finally, if you feel they just won’t be able to run down the aisle by themselves, then why not have them lead in the bridesmaids or flower girls/Paige boys instead?


Post Ceremony Photos
Having your dog take part in the post ceremony photos is probably one of the most practical ways to include your pet in the day’s celebrations. Generally speaking, the photos will take place outside which means there won’t be any restrictions on where your dog can go.


Dog Friendly Venues
Make sure you check with you venue if it’s dog friendly. Alternative venues such as glamping style weddings or barn style weddings will of naturally have more scope to include dogs and indeed you could even encourage other guests to bring their pets along too and even have some doggy favors for them!


Things to Consider
Remember if you are having your dog be part of the actual wedding day, they will need a person to be in charge of them – a designated doggy minder if you will! This person will have to bring them for walks, make sure they have water, etc. If your dog is only joining you for the ceremony or photos part, then make sure you have a pet sitter organised to whisk the pooch away and tuck them up safely after their starring role. Also don’t forget to bring them to the groomers before the big day too!

Get Creative with Candles

Lighting is a crucial factor for your wedding day décor. Creating a beautiful, romantic atmosphere requires more than the full on glare of regular room lights. Candles are the obvious choice to bring ambiance to a room and when it comes to weddings they are an absolute must.  Of course, traditional candelabras are a tried and tested method of bringing atmosphere to any event… who doesn’t adore dinning by candlelight? But these days, there are so many more ways to use candles in your wedding decor than just traditional candlesticks.

Today, couples are looking to everything from storm lanterns, to birdcages, to mismatched mason jars and even handing tealights to bring a stunning air of romance and ambiance to their wedding day décor.  Plus candles are not just confined to the reception, now it’s commonplace to adorn your church or ceremony venue with a pretty array of tealights and lanterns to really wow your guests from the off.

We love working with candles and can advise you on a range of options for your wedding ceremony and reception and we at Perfect Details have a beautiful array of candle pew ends, centrepieces and lanterns which are available to hire for your wedding. Pleas feel free to email us if you’d like to discuss your needs in more detail.

Hanging Tealights

A relatively new arrival on the scene, hanging tealights are becoming super popular with Irish couples. A little more dazzling than your average tealights, these add instant atmosphere to your venue. And when the sun goes down, the effect is like a magical wonderland of light.


Mason style jars are one of the most versatile ways to display candles. The beauty of these vintage jars is you can mix and match the sizes of candles you place inside. You can wrap them in burlap or ribbon, paint them, or half fill them with sand or stones! The possibilities are endless. Plus they are easy to move around and you can place them practically anywhere.


A little more than just simple lanterns, birdcages have become more and more popular for tealights and candles. The beauty of birdcages is that they make such a beautiful style statement and if you’re hoping to channel some vintage charm into your overall décor, these really do the trick. Think about having them as table centrepieces, with an array of candle sizes inside. If you can find them, oversized birdcages can really give your décor the wow factor, as will a smattering of mini versions.

Vintage Teacup Candles

Speaking of a vintage theme, if you really want to inject some retro fun into your décor, then vintage teacup candles are a must. They’ve become more and more available over the last couple of years and can look completely stunning as part of your table centrepieces. Plus afterwards you’ll have a few gorge vintage cups to take home as a wedding memento or give them to your guests if you’re feeling really generous!


Lanterns have become a staple at most weddings these days and whether it’s lanterns down the church aisle, or placing them as centrepieces on your guest’s tables, there’s no denying their allure. Think about mixing and matching different sizes and interspersing wooden and metal finishes.

Creative Centrepiece Ideas

It’s amazing how much a creative centrepiece will really bring your wedding reception tables to life. Centrepieces are a quick and easy way to put your own stamp on your day and are a fantastically simple way to bring your theme to life. Even if you’re the sort of couple who are not necessarily mad into ‘theming’ your big day, a quirky centrepiece that reflects both bride and groom will really make the day feel special for you and your guests.

But gone are the days of just having lone flowers as centrepieces, todays brides and grooms are thinking outside the box with everything from trees, to vintage birdcages and mason jars, to books and edible goodies like cupcakes and even cheese being used!

The choices are endless and the only limit is your imagination. So have fun thinking up ways to bring your tables to life. To help, we’ve put together a handy list of ideas from the more creative end of the centrepiece spectrum. If you’d like to chat about how we can dress your tables for you big day, please give us a shout – contact us


These manzanita style trees are ideal for creating a little bit of impact! Think about any embellishments you might want to hang from them, such as pearls, or tealights, or ribbons. We at Perfect Details supplies a beautiful range of Manzanita Trees for hire.

Mason Jars

Not just for vintage lovers, Mason Jars can be super-versatile in creating beautiful table décor. Of course if you want to really channel that vintage feel, go for some pretty posies or gypsophelia. But these delightful jars are also ideal for holding tea lights, or sand, shells, or even fruit slices like lemons for a stunning effect.

Bird cages

Simple and elegant, birdcages will provide a real talking point on your tables and you can fill them with simple tealights, or flowers or plants, or even pictures and postcards.

Vintage Books

Adding a sense of old world style and laid back chic, stacks of vintage style books make for fantastic centrepieces. Think about including classics from your childhood or books that grandparents might have read to you to make it extra special. The other fab aspect of using small stacks of books is that you can place other items, such as vintage teapots, flowers or candles on top!

Teapots and Tea Sets

From fine china to silver and everything in between, teapots and tea sets as centrepieces have been steadily growing in popularity. The brilliant thing about using vintage china is that you can spend time going to auction houses and bidding on boxes of mismatched china to use! Generally speaking they are very cheap and work wonders for the centrepieces.

Edible Centrepieces

Not just for the foodies amongst us, edible centrepieces are a fantastic way for guests to break the ice and get to know each other as they nibble on whatever edible creation you’ve laid on! Everything from cheese, to cupcakes, to sweet trees, to veggies could be considered. It’s also a clever touch if you’re planning to have speeches before the meal, it will give them something to munch on until dinner comes along.

Choosing Your Theme

Choosing your theme is a major step along your wedding planning journey. A theme will permeate your entire day and is meant to reflect both you and your partner’s style or personalities. It’s a wonderful way to put your own stamp on your wedding and a way to make it feel really personal and bespoke. That said, it can be difficult to settle on one theme that suits both parties, but with a few simple steps you should be able to come to a decision that keeps both of you happy! Plus once you pick your theme, the fun of planning really begins! Of course if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or could do with a bit of expert advice, we can help you with every aspect of your theme and wedding planning, so don’t hesitate to get in touch [link to the contact us page] if you’d like to know more.

In the meantime, here’s some handy top tips on how to pick your theme, plus a look at some of the hottest themes for the year ahead.


Your Venue

Your venue will have a great deal of sway on your theme. For example if you are after that barn-style feel, then perhaps a city centre hotel may not be the right choice to bring your theme to life. Try and chose a venue that has the right ingredients to reflect your chosen theme. For example, if you’re set on fairy-tale castle style wedding, then a venue with an old world feel and grounds is a priority.


It’s About Both of You!

When you start thinking about your theme, bear in mind it needs to reflect you both as a couple, so think about your shared passions! Do you enjoy globe-trotting? Are you major movie buffs? Do you have a passion for music and going to festivals? Do you love nothing better than reading, or do you have a shared love of the outdoors? Are you avid amateur photographers or do you both fancy yourself as foodies? Whatever it is, it’s a safe bet that your common interests will help you to personalise you day and make it feel like your own.

Little Details

Sometimes the thoughts of a ‘theme’ can equal hassle and hard work. But in reality a theme can be easily conveyed with small touches, such as personalised favours on your guest’s tables, a certain type of receptions drinks/nibbles, creative table names, candles, fairy lights, a sweet table, a bespoke table plan or even your cake! The little details can make a big impact.

Some Popular Themes for 2015

Boho Bohemian, barn-style weddings were big last year and will certainly continue to make an impact in 2015. Even if you don’t have an actual barn for your venue, you can still bring that rustic feel to your day with little touches such as wooden place names, woodland posies, burlap and mason jars

Classic Elegance – As something of an antidote to the barn-style theme, 2015 will see a return to the idea of elegance, with whites and ivory’s taking the lead, along with a pop of colour or metallics. Think ornate style features, silver tablescapes and soft romantic lighting.

Secret Garden – Flowers are always popular with weddings, but expect that burst of secret garden chic to make an appearance this year, thanks in part to the likes of Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian who featured florals heavily in their nuptials last year. And speaking of Mrs Kardashian-West, her floral backdrop may prove a popular choice for wedding photos this year.