Month: September 2017

Lego Wedding Theme

Who doesn’t love Lego? Whether it was your favourite toy as a child, or you just adore the Lego Movie, there’s no denying that these technicolour bricks bring fun with them wherever they go.  And if you are willing to have an open mind and want something different for your wedding day, why not embrace your inner child and bring this world famous childhood toy of clever, colourful interlocking bricks into your décor?

Full of colourful possibilities, Lego will not only put a smile on your guest’s faces, but it can also create a truly stunning look for your wedding and often results in stunning keepsakes you can hold onto after the big day.

Think incredible cakes with hidden Lego sections, rainbow coloured Lego table numbers, planners and escort cards.

The key to a Lego theme is fun. So don’t be afraid to fly in the face of convention. Have fun with movie themes and characters. Let your guests build their own Lego centrepieces and even have a Lego bouquet instead of regular flowers.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.



Have fun with your wedding flowers with some clever Lego additions. For example, why not add some hidden Lego characters in buttonholes and bouquets? If you’re both movie buffs, then look out for superhero or Star Wars Lego characters. For something really special, seek out a bespoke bridal bouquet made of Lego? Not only will it look amazing, but it will be an incredible keepsake. Just don’t do a bouquet toss with it!



Table Décor

Lego additions can look incredible on your tables. The bright colours will really impress. An obvious choice is to make your table numbers entirely out of Lego. And if you’re a DIY lover then this will be a great project for you both. Plus you can keep the number after and perhaps frame them.  For your guests, why not make Lego boxes filled with chocolates as favours. Go the extra mile and create personalised Lego characters for each guest as their place name/escort card? They will also double up as a favour which they can bring home and keep.


Wedding Cake

If you’re not keen on too much standalone Lego décor, but still want some element of the technicolour bricks in your day, then why not concentrate on your cake. Chat with your cake maker about your ideas. Think about having something with the icing pulled back to reveal a Lego coloured centre for example. Or why not have square Lego shaped cupcakes?  Lego cake toppers are such fun and you can create something totally bespoke that you can then keep after the ceremony.



Quirky Additions

Remember Lego is all about having fun, so try and think a little differently when it comes to some finishing touches around the venue. What about a box for your wedding cards made out of Lego? Have some Lego pieces in a bowl and let the guests make their own centrepieces or leave them in the lounge area for amusement. Why not make signage out of Lego too? Again, while these pieces might require some extra efforts, they will also end up being fantastic keepsakes.




Industrial Wedding Theme

If the idea of a traditional style, hotel ballroom wedding doesn’t float your boat, then consider something a little different. An industrial wedding theme is not only right on trend, but it’s also a super chic style that’s very unique and different.

It often calls for city venue with lofty ceilings, exposed brickwork and lots of natural lighting. Think metallics juxtaposed with florals, soft backdrops, draping, paired back table settings, antique style metal chairs and a more casual feel throughout.

It’s a theme that can look visually stunning in photographs and is perfect for those seeking something different.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.




Location is key for this wedding theme to really work. Think about more unusual venues. The traditional style hotel ballroom don’t truly work with this theme, however you can still bring elements of the look to a venue like this. However, try and source venues that have loftier feels. High ceilings, lots of natural light and exposed brick work really well. Many of these type of venues tend to be in an urban environment too so start your search there.



If venue is king, then lighting is queen with this look. The right lights can set the theme perfectly. Think unusual industrial style lightbulbs suspended from the ceiling. Festoon lighting, string lights or even bistro lights can work really well. Oversized illuminated letter are perfect too and can be stunning in your photographs.


Metal and Flowers

Metal and flowers are the perfect contrast for this type of wedding theme. Try and use them in your centrepieces and accent with candles. Have fun with metal piping pieces as candlesticks, lightbulbs filled with florals, lanterns and old tins. You could even paint bottles or mason jars with metallic paints instead of going for traditional metallic features. Also why not think of metallic chairs and tables?




There are many facets of an industrial theme that can seem harsh, so it’s important to juxtapose those with something softer. So why not consider having a backdrop of flowers to offset the brick and metallics? Or consider adding some draping with soft material. Streamer style backdrops work well too, interspersed with softer smaller fairly lights too.





Muted Wedding Tones

Classic colours are classic for a reason. They stand the test of time and work with almost any wedding theme and venue. And there’s nothing wrong with sticking to classic colours. There can be a lot of pressure to try and channel the latest looks and colours when it comes to wedding planning, but there’s a lot to be said for sticking to tried and tested colours that deliver every time.

And don’t think that just because you’ve chosen to stick with a muted colour palette, your décor will be boring. Far from it. As well as using shades of beige, ivory and whites, think about adding subtle hints of lighter grey, taupe, dusky pinks and sage to accent and highlight your décor. Metallics work really well alongside neutral colours too.

Also use contrasting textures like burlap, wood and lace to make things stand out for a stunning effect.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.


Colour Palette

When you think of neutral colours, what comes to mind first tends to be muted tones of beige, cream, ivory, white. These are certainly the pillars of the trend, but think about branching out with some subtle hints of greige, taupe, tan, blush pink, sage and even pops of metallics.



Going for a muted colour palette means you can add extra drama with features around your venue. Draping is a wonderful example and can be used on entrances, ceilings and walls. Mix with fairylights and greenery for a stand out look. Also think about adding flourishes to your chairs, such as oversized pompoms, streamers or again draping can look stunning.




Contrasting textures will highlight your muted tones even more. Think about using accents of wood, burlap lace and metallics on your centrepieces. Stack candles on wooden bases, use burlap as your table runner or place settings, add touches of lace to your floral arrangements and candles or even on lanterns.



Naked Cakes

Carry on the theme with your cake. Naked cakes are a very on trend look at the moment, but it also fits in perfectly with this colour theme. Discuss the theme with your cake maker and talk about adding berries or glitter accents for a touch of subtle colour.





Geometric Wedding Theme

‘Don’t be a square!’ As Mia Wallace said to Vincent Vegan right before that iconic dancing scene in Pulp Fiction. All joking aside, geometric shapes are very much on trend right now in wedding décor. Think about embracing clean geo lines and greenery for a nod to the modern trend that’s sweeping Instagram.

But of course, using geo lines doesn’t have to automatically make your wedding a neo-modern, paired back affair. Indeed, it’s chic to mix and match with touches of minimalism contrasting against influences of vintage, romantic or elegance.

Think about all sort of different lines, such as honeycomb, hexagons, triangles, interlocking squares and literally everything in between. Play with colours, textures and metals for a really show stopping look.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.


Table Decor

Think about terrariums filled with succulents such as cacti, or mix it up with candles, or softer blooms for a wonderful contrast. Stack them on wooden accents or in the middle of greenery. Look for mini lanterns with glass sides and fill with battery operated fairy lights, or design some bespoke laser cut-out hexagon wedding table numbers. Geo styled menus or place cards can work really well too for a more subtle hit of the trend.



Investing in a stunning backdrop will pay huge dividends for the overall look of your wedding venue. Think about all sorts of geometric shapes and angles, such as triangles, hexagons, circles, etc. Metal is very much in keeping with a modern style or trend, or why not go for wood for a different feel altogether? Intersperse them with flowers or candles or even go with cardboard or streamers made out to 3-D geometric shapes in bright colours for a new take on the trend.



Around the room

Dotting a few well-placed pieces around your wedding venue will reinforce your trend and keep the atmosphere flowing all evening long. Think about larger lanterns and lamps, filled with candles, florals and even light bulbs. Use them to line aisles or even as hanging features over tables for an awe inspiring look. Why not design some custom signage for the back of the newly married couple’s chairs for the perfect photo?





If you’re not keen on making too much of a statement with geometric shapes, then why not go for something more dramatic with your cake? Think about creating stunning effects with different geo effects on your tiers. Think about using contrasting texture effects, such as the marble look, metallic and naked elements. Also why not use an angular cake stands for the crowning glory?