Month: March 2017

Techy Wedding Ideas

Technology has revolutionised the way we celebrate weddings. In the past it was commonplace to leave disposable cameras on each table for guests to take photos with, whereas these days almost every guest will have their phone out taking shots of every key moment from the walk down the aisle, to the speeches, the cake and the first dance. Similarly the idea of the traditional photographer has also been updated to the use of drones to capture unbelievable images and videos of your big day. And for those who cannot attend the wedding you can even live stream the key moments.

Of course there will be couples who rail against what they might see as an overly techie wedding and opt for an ‘unplugged’ wedding instead and this certainly has its appeal too. However, if you are open to capitalising on the advances offered by new technology, then they can really enhance your big day.

From hashtags for guest’s photos, to drones, to go-pros and live streaming, we look at some of ways to take advantage of technology for some truly incredible results.

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If you want to add a touch of the epic to your wedding day then consider a drone to capture almost movie quality style videos and photos of your big day from above. Yes it can be a bit pricey, but it is guaranteed to give you some never before seen shots of your wedding day.


Go Pro

This is a really fun idea and one that will give you a truly different take on your wedding day. Why not have the bride or groom wear a small go-pro camera on their person or even in the bridal bouquet? That way you can capture the special moments such as the walk down the aisle and the speeches from a whole different vantage point! And if you’re involving your four-legged friend in the wedding, maybe as the ring-bearer, why not put a go-pro on their collar?



Live Streaming

This is a fantastic idea if you have family members and guests living abroad who can’t make the wedding. In the past they would have missed out on the day, but with new technology it’s possible for them to feel part of the wedding through a live stream which they can watch. Think about streaming crucial moments such as the ceremony, the speeches and the first dance.



Get Social

It’s inevitable that you guests will be capturing the day on their phones and with the best will in the world, you’re never going to get all your guests photos. So why not use a hashtags for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to get all your guests photos together in the one place? Make sure you let your guests know what the hashtag is and use creative signage as part of your wedding décor too! Plus why not have fun with Instaframes and Facebook frames for your DIY photobooths and why not leave selfie sticks on each table and let the guests snap away!


The Day After the Wedding

These days weddings have become something of a two or three day affair with many couples having intimate dinners the day before the ceremony and hosting something more casual for close family and friends the day after the ‘I do’s too. It’s a great way to keep the party going in a laid back less formal setting and indeed it’s perfect for catching up with those you might only have had a fleeting moment to chat to on the wedding day, which is hectic.

However, while it’s nice to extend the celebrations beyond just one day, there are certainly things to consider, first being the cost and your budget. Second, it can also be a stretch for some guests to stay an extra day or night and you’ll need to take this into account when organising something. Finally, remember you don’t have to organise something for the following day, so don’t feel under pressure if you just want to relax as a newly married couple.

If you do want to organise a special day after the wedding event, then feel free to get in touch to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day plans or décor.


Keep it Casual
The key word for the day after the wedding is casual! Guests will be tired from the night before and a sit down affair is something to be avoided. Also many people may need to hit the road early enough and may unable to stay for an evening meal, so think about having a casual brunch, late lunch or early dinner where people can pop in and out without feeling tied down. Forget seating plans, suits, centrepieces and cake cutting and instead just sit, chat and enjoy the day after.


Who to invite?
Generally speaking the day after the wedding celebrations are for close friends and immediate family, but there’s no hard and fast rule on this. If you do want to make the event something for everyone who’s coming to the wedding, then make sure to have this information on the invitation as you’ll need to confirm numbers in advance. Otherwise often just word of mouth is enough.

Your venue will probably have plenty of options available if you want to do something on site, from BBQ areas, to private dining or even small function rooms. If not though, why not think about heading to a local pub for some casual food and drinks, or you could always arrange a caterer to offer some food and drinks in your own home


Food and Drinks
If you’re budget allows then you might want to push the boat out and hire in a food truck or host a buffet BBQ or even a pig on a spit, but don’t feel you have to foot the bill for everything, you can cover the food but let the guests order any drinks themselves; many will be driving home so it’s likely to be a non-issue. You could always ask your close family and friends to head to the local pub for some laid back food and drinks instead and you can ask for the pub to throw in some complimentary finger food if the numbers allow.


Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

Disney’s 1991 animated Beauty and the Beast was not only a cinematic triumph, but it has become an inspiration for many a women’s wedding day décor. From Belle’s beautiful style of dress, to the famous rose and the enchanting characters such as Lumière, Mrs Potts and Chip, it’s a fairy-tale story that lends itself perfectly to a wedding theme.

Even if you don’t want to go all out and have every detail in keeping with the movie, there is still lots of wonderful subtle nods you can channel for your theme. Think vintage tea sets, French sweet treats, roses, books, mirrors and much more.

Plus with the live action version starring Emma Watson about to hit our screens, we thought it was the perfect time to have a look at lots of ways to incorporate elements of Beauty and the Beast in your big day.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor or planning, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.


Be Our Guest!
One of the most memorable numbers from the classic Disney film is ‘be our guest’ and what could be more fitting than using that line for your wedding day? Use it in your invitations, on your guestbook, on bunting and it is just perfect for you table plan too!


Beauty and the Beast really lends itself to wedding centrepieces. Think of having some classic Lumière style candelabras, or channel the iconic enchanted rose by using cloche jars with a rose underneath. For a subtle nod to the movie why not emulate the adorable Mrs Potts and Chip with a vintage teapot or cups stacked on books, because let’s not forget how much Belle loved to read.


Sweet Treats
Belle style cakepops, or rose cupcakes would work really well as favours for guests as would macaroons or French fancies in the colours of the rose, belles yellow dress and beasts blue suit. Why not go all out and have a castle style wedding cake? Or keep things simple with a Beauty and the Beast inspired cake topper. The enchanted mirror was another big feature in the film and it would be an ideal template shape for your menus.


Around the Room
If you’re having a photobooth then why not have some Beauty and the Beast inspired props for guests to have fun with. If you’re having a DIY photobooth as opposed to a professional one, then why not create a bespoke backdrop with an iconic line from the film, like ‘A Tale as Old as Time,’ or the classic ‘ They Lived Happily Ever After’ or floral walls would work really well too. Fairylight backdrops and draping will create that unmistakeable fairy-tale feel and why not use GOBO lighting to project anything from roses to some of the famous quotes of the film onto your venues walls.


Go Vertical With Your Wedding Decor

When most couples consider the decor for their wedding receptions, they rarely look upwards and think about ways to use the vertical space above, as well as just what they can see in their immediate periphery. Maximising vertical space is not only a hot wedding trend at the moment, but it is a really practical way to make the most of your venue and has a stunning visual impact.

Whether your budget is big or small you can still find plenty of ways to make use of the vertical space. For example budget friendly items such as paper lanterns, ribbons, streamers or tea lights can all be used to great effect over tables, dancefloors or as a focal point or backdrop in the room.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.

Hanging florals
Hanging florals come in all shapes and sizes and can really give your venue the wow factor. But even if you can’t afford to go all out with an impressive or large hanging fresh floral style installation over your tables, you can still channel the trend by adding greenery to chandeliers, or making DIY hula hoop chandeliers for example. Another quirky take on this trend is to use hanging pots filled with your favourite plants and blooms.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your wedding decor and can help set the mood like nothing else. So when it comes to the vertical space, lighting can be used to great effect to create a really romantic, inviting atmosphere. Think hanging tea lights, Edison bulbs, Chinese lanterns, storm lanterns, and so on. Suspend them over your tables, over the dancefloor or dotted around areas of your venue.

Parasols and Ribbons
If you want to get a bit creative with your hanging décor, then why not try using parasols suspended from the ceiling? Turn them upside down and even fill with florals or lights. Ribbons and streamers are another fantastically creative and very cost effective way to get using the vertical space in your venue and is a great way to add some colour too.


One of the simplest ways to make use of the vertical space in your wedding venue is with a backdrop. Fairylight backdrops can be super impressive and set such an inviting tone. Other backdrops can be ideal for both making an impact but also for photos. Think floral walls, vintage style doors, palettes, draping and more. The only limit here is your imagination and of course the height of the room!