Month: March 2016

Antique Wedding Theme

Antique, vintage style weddings are still a very popular trend with new couples getting married. The wonderful thing about the theme is that generally speaking, it’s very cost effective and if you are a DIY project lover, it’s going to be right up your street. Think about raiding your attic or your family’s attics for antique bits and pieces and family heirlooms that are simply sitting there collecting dust! Go to auctions, look on swap websites and dare we say even skips, for fabulous antique finds you can work on up-cycling and incorporating into your wedding day.

You can use antique style finds in lots of different ways, from general props you can put around the venue and grounds and use to great effect in your pictures, but you can also add them into your table décor and table plans too, as well as in the wedding room itself.

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Think about setting aside an area of your wedding venue as a little antique hub which you can use for photos and to further enhance you theme. Backdrops are a great way to do this, think old doors, frames, screens, palettes, chairs, small tables and even lamps etc. You can pick many of these up from auctions and swap or give-away-free websites.


If you find some antique pay dirt in your attic or your family’s attics then why not use them as props for your wedding photos or for using around the grounds or other rooms around the main reception area of your wedding venue? Think about having a gramophone or an old bicycle. An old desk fan or cash register can work as a stunning prop too.


You can have a lot of fun with antique style centrepieces at your wedding tables. Think about piles of old books, vintage style jugs or jars? Old cameras, typewriters, vintage style weighing scales, bird cages, vintage tea sets or teapots to name but a few. Arrange them with your table numbers and flowers for maximum impact.


Room Décor

Dotting vintage style pieces around the wedding room can cement your theme and look stunning. Think about using lots of vintage tins and jars. Stacks of old suitcases, wheelbarrows or antique buckets for drinks, old fashioned watering cans to name but a few.



Birds and Butterflies Wedding Theme

If you’re tying the knot this spring season and can’t decide on a theme, then why not consider having a beautiful theme incorporating birds and butterflies? Pretty, bright and perfect for this time of year, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how you add touches of these spring creatures into your day.

From accents in the church or ceremony venue, to the wedding room itself, to the tables, the cake and photo props you can have such fun bringing this one to life. Plus it’s a theme that lends itself to any colour too, from pretty pastels to pops of bold colour and it’s also a DIY’ers dream with lots of fun ways you can make and do some fab décor at home.

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In the Church/Ceremony Venue
We often see rose petals sprinkled along the aisle and church pews, but why not consider small paper birds and butterflies instead? You could also put some cut outs on sticks and arrange them inside the flowers or pew ends. Also if your church or venue allows confetti then look for butterfly and bird shapes. Or if you really want to make a statement what about releasing some birds or butterflies at the end of the ceremony?


Table Décor
You can have lots of fun with your table décor with this theme and the possibilities are endless. Think about having bird or butterfly place cards that sit on the wine glasses. Why not have mini birds’ nests with edible eggs inside as favours? Have retro style cloche jars with nests or mini butterfly trees inside? Small birdcages make for ideal centrepieces and why not put some clip on butterflies on the seat sashes too?


Room Décor
Instead of a traditional guest book, why not have some love bird or butterfly shaped cards for use in birdcages or wishing tree? Ask your guest to leave little message on the notes and you’ll have such fun looking back on them after the wedding. Also if you’re a DIY lover then think about making some backdrops adorned with paper shapes, hanging paper streamers and garlands made of origami or what about gobo lights projecting butterflies and birds around the room?


Finally, don’t forget your cake! A swish of colourful birds or butterflies can really make your cake look incredible and work really well on mini cakes or cupcakes too. Also think about having mini love birds as cake toppers.


Monochrome Wedding

Monochrome is a classic colour palette. From clothes, to home furnishings, to wedding décor and more it’s a combination of colours that works practically anywhere. If you’re having trouble deciding on what colours to feature in your wedding day décor, then it is well worth your time considering a monochrome theme for a number of reasons. First, as mentioned, it’s a classic combination that is guaranteed to work. Secondly it can be an easily look to pull together with only a few simple touches needed to stand out.

Black and white doesn’t have to mean boring however. In fact, monochrome looks incredible when you pair it with a colour pop too, so keep that in mind as you plan your décor.

As an award-winning wedding planner, I’ve put together many stunning monochrome themed weddings over the years and if you’d like to chat about how I can help plan your big day, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Monochrome lends itself particularly well to stationary. It’s classic, timeless and elegant and sets the tone for the wedding itself. Think invites, orders of service, table place names, escort cards, fun signage throughout the room and your menus. Don’t be afraid to add some accents of colour to make the monochrome really pop. Bright pinks or golds work really well here.


Room Décor
Here’s where you can have lots of fun and keep in mind anything you do here can also work as wonderful photo props and backdrops too. Think about having some shaped monochrome streamers hanging down as a possible top table backdrop. Use monochrome paper lanterns, pompoms and room draping. Also don’t forget the simplicity of balloons. Think a mass of monochrome helium balloons for a really eye-catching look. A monochrome or full black or white dancefloor is another total stunner what will be a stand out feature.


Table Décor
The contrast of using black and white can look truly elegant on your wedding tables. Think about using black table clothes, or white ones with a striped monochrome table runner. The simplicity of flowers can also work really well with black and white blooms looking stunning. Don’t forget the chairs and sashes too.


Cakes and Food
A subtle yet fun way to play around with a monochrome theme is through the cakes and food. A cake will always be somewhat of a centrepiece in the room, so going for a monochrome design will look fantastic. Or you could be more understated and simply pop some monochromes striped straws into drinks, or what about a tower of Oreos instead of a cake?



Wedding String Up Lights

Lighting is a key factor to consider in your wedding day planning. It can set the tone for the evening and in an instant add atmosphere and indeed even change the look and feel of your wedding venue. String or bistro lights are a fantastic way to add some key lighting that can range from subtle to dramatic. Think about the features of your wedding venue. Does it have a balcony? Large windows? Trees or indoor beams? All of these can be highlighted into focal points with string lights very easily and quite economically.

Also if you’ve got an outdoor area for your wedding then string lights are the ideal way to make it super romantic and special. Think about winding the string lights onto trellis, branches, patios, beams and more. Make sure to discuss your ideas for using the lights with your venue in advance, as they may also have suggestions on ways to incorporate string lights for your big day.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day plans then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Fairylights are a bit of a classic when it comes to weddings and the deliver atmosphere in spades. Look for fairylights that can be used in different ways, such as for a backdrop behind the top table or in different sections of your wedding venue for maximum impact.


If you’ve got a balcony in your venue then it is crying out to be highlighted with some stunning cascading string lights. Chose from smaller fairy style lights or larger bistro style lights depending on your overall theme. If you don’t have a balcony what about using them to cascade down a feature wall for an eye-catching focal point.


Wrap Around
If you’ve got large vertical or horizontal beams in your venue, then think about wrapping string lights around them to make them a complete feature in the room. Also if you’ve got indoor tress or plants at your disposal, wrapping lights around them can really work too. If you have a staircase, why not wrap string lights around the bannisters? If you’ve got an awkward pillar in the room, wrapping lights around it can turn it from eye sore into feature in a flash. Of course if you’re having your reception outside or have an outside section then think about wrapping string lights on branches and trees too.


Curtain Lights
If your venue has long, large windows why not think about using string lights as a curtain? It can look incredible and make use of the large windows when the sun goes down. Pair it with some draping for added subtle atmosphere.
curtain lights


Finally, don’t forget that you can also use string lights to hang over your tables, both indoor and outdoor. If you’re using long tables then think about having a vertical curtain of light hanging over them for a beautiful effect. Or you can go DIY and use hula hoops and string the lights around with greenery for a rustic chic hanging chandelier style string light.

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