Month: December 2015

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Getting married around the time between Christmas and New Year’s is becoming increasingly popular with couples for a number of reasons. Rates and availability can be much more favourable, as well as the fact that many people are already off during that time or indeed home if they live or work abroad, so they should be able to freely attend the big day.

If you are getting married around this time, especially on New Year’s Eve itself, then consider giving the day a theme, as at this time of year weddings are crying out for a theme like no other time. In particular, a Great Gatsby style theme is hugely popular, thanks to the recent Baz Luhrmann film adaptation of the classic book, that brought the lavish opulence of the story to life in vivid colour. The gold, the glitz, the glamour and the lavishness of the Great Gatsby is a match made in heaven for New Years’ Eve and with a few small steps using the best of art deco décor, you can transform your reception into a party Daisy and Gatsby would be proud of.

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Start how you mean to go on and send your guests an elegantly designed invite with a nod to the Gatsby era. Look out for fan details, golds, black, deco fonts and laser cuts to let your guests know what to expect in terms of your theme. Also don’t be afraid to let them know if you want them to dress in the 20s era attire, or even black tie.


If you really want to bring the theme to life, then don’t be shy about bringing it through into your attire. For the brides this means looking for 20s style dresses with their unique fit and shape, as well as Juliet caps or sparkly headbands. Don’t forget the bridesmaids and think about fan style embellishments as well as daring golds or black to contrast your dress. For the grooms, think pocket watches and bow ties or have them go all out in a white tux. Finally, why not leave top hats and flapper style head bands and feathers for your guests to enjoy as favours.


Cake & Champagne
It wouldn’t be Gatsby without champagne or some kind of bubbly drinks, so why not serve you guests some bubbles in retro glasses on arrival? Think about dipping the rims in edible glitter and have fizzy drink versions for the kids. When it comes to the cake, think about Rockefeller inspired art décor designs to really channel the theme.


Table Décor
This is where you can get really creative. The era and the film were defined by pearls, feathers, glitter and glam, so think about incorporating those elements into your table. Why not go for a feather centrepiece instead of flowers, or use glitter table clothes? The contrast of black and gold works really well too.


Photo Props
Finally don’t forget your pictures! There’s no point in going to all that effort to channel the Gatsby theme on the day if it’s not reflected in your photographs, so make sure to have some related props on standby. Have the guests throw glitter and sparkles and have some streamers ready for an action shot and if your budget and venue allows it, fireworks would be the Gatsby style icing on the cake and perfect for the chimes at midnight!

Wedding Veil Alternatives

For many brides the idea of a long veil is something they’ve looked forward to wearing since childhood. Playing with net curtains as little girls, they cannot wait to wear their own veil for real. But not every woman is into a traditional style veil and thankfully these days the modern bride has a massive choice when it comes to what she wears on her head (if anything!) on her wedding day.

Today there’s a real trend for re-inventing the retro, such as the 1920’s Juliet cap or Gatsby style headband, as well as Jackie-O style pill box hats, blusher veils and even top hats to be seen. Ultimately, it really comes down to personal choice. Simply put, stick with what would love to wear down the aisle. If that happens to be a flower crown or a bling encrusted headband then make sure to run with that and don’t feel you trapped into wearing a traditional veil.

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From the 1960s style Jackie-O pill box, to modern streamlined designs, to wide brims and even top hats, there’s plenty to choose from if you’ve always wanted to float down the aisle with a hat rather than a veil. Remember to discuss the hat with your hairstylist and if possible have your trial with the hat of choice.


Headbands have been popular since the 1920s and they’ve still got a huge following today. Whether you prefer a bling encrusted style piece that sits on top of your head, or a simpler wreath style or even a retro Gatsby style headband that goes across your forehead, it’s a look that really lets you have ultimate choice on how you wear your hair.


If the idea of a headband doesn’t appeal to you, yet you still want something special to wear in your hair, then a headpiece could be just the thing. From sparkly slides and combs, to larger eye-catching pieces that will sit into your updo or even as a cap style piece, you can really let you imagination run riot with all of the options on offer.


For all the boho loving brides out there, flowers are a wonderful choice. From large colourful floral crowns, to blooms, dotted into your updo or slotted into the side of your hair, it’s a naturally beautiful look that can work no matter what the season with some carefully chosen flowers to reflect the time of year. Don’t forget you can always go for synthetic flowers as well as fresh blooms.


Variations on a Veil
If you want to pay homage to the traditional veil, but still want to put your own stamp on the look, then there are lots of great veil variations to think about. Consider a retro blusher or birdcage veil, covering just your face. A flyaway veil will cover your shoulders, or you could channel your retro 1920s bridal look with a side veil or Juliet cap.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

For the likes of many of our parent’s generations, wedding cake was almost always a fruit cake. Over the years things have moved on with more variety being introduced, culminating with the popularity of the chocolate biscuit cake in the late 90s and noughties. Today, we’ve seen a massive shift in what can be considered a wedding cake. It’s not just the variety of the fillings which are now featuring everything from red velvet to chocolate fudge! Instead, couples are now thinking bigger and wider than ever before and going for unusual options that aren’t even in the strictest sense of the word ‘cakes’. Everything from doughnut towers, to macaroons, to even savoury options like cheese and how could we forget the meteoric rise of the tasty cakepop?

The wonderful thing about your wedding day though, is that it is YOUR day and you don’t have to be bound by convention. If you want to have a tower of profiteroles as your wedding cake, then do it! The only limit is your imagination. As an award-winning wedding planner, I’ve helped lots of couples plan the day of their dreams and I’ve seen some truly stunning wedding cake alternatives. Here’s just a few ideas to whet your appetite. In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss your wedding day plans then please get in touch.


Variations on the Cake
There’s so many ways to pay homage to a traditional cake, but in a very modern and unique way. Cakepops have undoubtedly become one of the most popular choices in the last few years, however cupcakes are another tried and tested alternative. Don’t forget the likes of mini cakes, muffins, fairy cakes and even whoopie pies!


Sweet Tables
If you and your husband or wife to be have a major sweet tooth, then why limit yourself to just one wedding cake? Many couples are now shunning the idea in favour of a sweet table packed with a variety of mini cakes and desserts to feast on!


Sweet But Not Cake
So you may still love something sweet, but you’re not keen on a whole cake. Thankfully there are so many wonderfully creative ideas to choose from. Think about doughnuts, cronuts, macaroons, pancakes, rice krispie cakes and even profiteroles. The sky is the limit here.


Not every couple has a sweet tooth and if you and your husband or wife to be aren’t keen on cakes or desserts, then there’s no reason why you can’t go for something savoury instead! Indeed, the ‘cheese-cake’ has become quite popular in recent times. Think of beautiful cheese towers decorated with flowers or fruits, full of tiers of your favourites, or indeed why not go for a huge wheel of you most loved cheese, such as brie. Also why not think about having savoury pie towers or if you are a sushi fiend then why not go for a pretty sushi tower?

Wedding Decor – Bring The Outside In

The Irish climate doesn’t often lend itself to having both your wedding ceremony and reception outside, but that shouldn’t mean that you can’t bring the essence of the outdoors in. With a few simple steps no matter what the season, your wedding day can have that unique woodland, garden feel even though it’s indoors. Visually stunning, this theme can be as subtle as having an arrangement of carefully chosen forest sticks and branches in vases for your centrepieces or as vivid as having stand-out floral backdrops and star themed lighting.

As an award-winning wedding planner, I’ve helped many couples to bring this sumptuous theme to life for their big day. If you’d like to discuss how I can help with your wedding planning, please get in touch.


Secret Garden
Think big bold florals mixed with intense greenery presented in a variety of ways for maximum impact. Wind both around chandeliers and candelabras or even hula hoops covered in greens and blooms for unique hanging table décor. Consider having a grass style aisle runner at the ceremony and blooms scattered for your pew ends. Don’t forget to wind greens and florals around any staircases or balconies for a visual feast for your guests.


Starry Night
Bring the feeling of an outdoors summers night to your wedding reception by using GOBO lighting to project stars or small dots of light to give that start sky effect. Think about dark blue uplighters to give that night sky feel. Use lanterns hanging from the ceiling with warm yellow lights inside to give that night-time glow effect or an array of hanging tea lights would give off that starry night atmosphere wonderfully. Draping and fairy lights would also be a wonderful addition.


Woodland Wonderland
For lovers of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, this woodland inspired look is the perfect fit. Think trees of varying sizes adorned with full green shoots and leaves, wrapped in fairy lights placed around the venue and even suspended over the tables. Use miniature tree centrepieces, covered candelabras in moss and dot around wooden accents. For the ceremony, place super-green potted ferns as pew ends or tall pew ends with branches and moss.


Outdoor Style Backdrops
Particularly handy for your photos, having a few carefully placed backdrops can also look stunning in your venue too. Think of green backdrops dotted with butterflies, posies or birds. Go for full on floral backdrops or accent them with woodland features, or indoor props like mirrors or birdcages for a modern twist.

Glitter Wedding Decor

Let’s face it, winter brides and grooms to be can afford to be liberal with the glitter. At this time of year, more than any other, you can really go all out and inject lots of glitzy accents and glitter wedding decor into your day. While summer has its obvious charms, there is just something about this time of year that makes for a uniquely beautiful atmosphere and with the festive season on the horizon, winter weddings just naturally lend themselves to a touch of glitter. And it’s also quite amazing how the right balance of colours and glitter can make a room feel warm and cosy when it’s cold outside! Never forget glitter doesn’t just have to be gold!

As an award-winning wedding planner, I’ve helped dozens of couples to bring their winter weddings to life with a touch of seasonal glam. So if you’re a total glitter-fiend, then this post is for you, as we look at lots of amazing ideas for décor, centrepieces, photo props, table plans and much more to whet your glam-loving appetite. In the meantime, if you’d like to chat about how I can help with your big day plans, then please get in touch.


There’s no reason why you can’t add a touch of glitter to your ceremony, be it in a church or another venue. Just check in advance if the venue are happy with the glitter aspect as it may require some clean up. Think about glitter aisle runners, or just glitter sprinkled on the aisle or to the side near the pews for a more affordable option. Glitter frosted pine cones and winter flowers make for ideal pew ends, as do sparkly chair covers or even glitter stars to adorn the aisle.


Table plans & Escort Cards
When it comes to table plans and escorts cards and glitter, the sky is the limit for how creative you want to get. Everything from a straightforward glitter dusted table plan, to feathers dipped in glitter for escort cards, glitter pegs with guests names attached and even some fake fruits such as pears, sprayed with glitter make a stunning impact. There’s not much that glitter can’t make better!


Centrepieces & Table Décor
You can really go to town with the glitz and glitter when it comes to your table décor. For some budget friendly DIY options, why not vamp up some winter branches with glitter? They’ll look stunning in a large vase. Sprinkle glitter of varying sizes or sparkly shapes on the table itself, dust birdcages, mason jars or candle sticks with glitter for an eye-catching centrepiece, or if you really want to make a splash, why not use a glitter ball for the centrepiece or some glitter tablecloths!


Foodie Favors
Nothing brings a smile to someone’s face like an edible treat dusted in glitter. It makes for a really fun effect and once you get your hands on some edible glitter, the world is your oyster. Think doughnuts, cupcakes or cakepops which make perfect foodie favours, or indulge your guests with a mini bottle of bubbles at their seat covered in the glitter of your choice.


Photo Props
Finally don’t forget to capture the beautiful glitter effect in your wedding photos! Have cones of glitter for guests to throw when the camera is shooting, prepare a glittery backdrop for a photobooth, or glitz up some fun photobooth props too. Use some glitter dusted LOVE or initial signs and don’t be afraid to get creative and maybe have the bride or groom take off their shoes and walk in the glitter to make some really creative shots. Chat to your photographer in advance and they’ll have lots of ideas on how to maximise the glitter effect.

The First Look Pros and Cons

Last week we chatted about the rise of the Escort Card and this week we’re looking at another wedding trend that’s come from the other side of the pond, namely the ‘First Look.’ For any bride or groom who are active on social media, and sites such as Pinterest, they’ll no doubt have seen lots of talk of this new phenomenon. But what is a ‘first look? Simply put, it involves the bride and groom sharing a quiet moment and seeing each other before the ceremony with a ‘reveal’ set up which is generally caught on camera.

It can be a lovely idea to consider and has plenty of positives, but of course, there are many reasons why couples would prefer to stick to the traditional route of seeing each other for the first time at the top of the aisle. Whichever you choose to do, it will be a special moment, but make sure you decide on an option for the right reasons and what you both want, rather than just following a trend.

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The Pros of the ‘First Look.’

There’s plenty of reasons why the ‘first look’ has become a super popular phenomenon in the United States and has spread to this side of the Atlantic. Here’s just a few to consider.

Break The Mould – The ‘first look’ gives you an opportunity to break with convention, which for many brides and grooms is exactly what they are looking for and if following the same old traditional route is not your thing, then a ‘first look’ is perfect. It can really help to give your day an extra special and unique dimension to it.
Photos – One major plus is the photos. You will have a huge amount of control as to how you want to set up the reveal. Just Google a ‘first look’ and you’ll be bombarded with a horde of creative ways to do your ‘first look,’ everything from standing on different sides of a door, to a tree, to blindfolds to even using a bunch of balloons! The sky is the limit on it and it’s perfect for those who love to be super creative. It may also free up some time post-ceremony as you’ll already have lots of photos in the can
Nerves – Finally nerves can play a huge part in your wedding day and walking down the aisle can be one of the scariest parts. So if you don’t want your nerves to overcome you, opting for a ‘first look’ is one definite way to ensure you’ll be calm and relaxed for the aisle. Also you’ll have the private moment between both you as a couple, minus the guests.


The Cons of the ‘First Look.’
The ‘first look’ may have its pluses, but for many couples, the traditional route is still the more preferred option. Here’s some of the reasons why a ‘first look’ may not be for you.

Anti-climax – Going for the ‘first look’ can mean you end up losing the magic of waking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time. The whole aisle part can just end up being a bit of an anti-climax, when really it’s something you’ve been both looking forward to as a couple for many months and sometimes even years.
Staged – While the ‘first look’ is supposed to capture the reactions of both parties when they see each other for the first time, it can sometimes feel a bit staged, with the photographers and possibly videographers lenses on you as you wait to capture this ‘private moment.’ Of course they will also have their lenses ready if you decide to wait until you walk down the aisle, but in truth with the gaze of the guests and everything else going on, a good photographer wont even catch your eye as he or she quietly takes position and captures the natural reactions of you, your husband or wife to be and the guests.
Tradition – Finally, there is the old notion of tradition. Tradition is not necessarily a bad thing and there’s no sense in breaking with it just to follow a trend if you’re not 100% happy. If you’ve dreamt of walking down the aisle and seeing your partner for the first time, then why not just stick with it and enjoy the special moment.