Month: October 2015

Tips for Wet Weather Wedding

In Ireland, rain is an unavoidable fact of life and no matter what time of the year you decide to tie the knot, in this country it could very well rain on you in June, just as you’re likely to have blue skies in November! The point is, you cannot change the weather. But it’s worth remembering that rain on your wedding day really isn’t the end of the world and indeed in some cultures rain is even considered good luck on your big day!

If you find it does rain on your wedding day, then they key is not to panic, they are plenty of way to be prepared so that you won’t miss a beat and indeed in some cases rain can make for some truly stunning photos you wouldn’t get otherwise.

As an award winning wedding planner, I’ve seen my fair share of rainy wedding days, but with clever tips and tricks up my sleeve it didn’t impact on the day. Here’s some of my insider advice on how to deal with rain on your big day. If you’d like to chat in more detail about your wedding day planning, then please get in touch.


Have a Backup Plan
If you’ve decided to have an outdoor ‘I Do’ or a large part of the pre-dinner reception will be outside, then it’s important to have a proper back up plan. Discuss wet weather options with your venue from the very start. Most venues that offer outdoor nuptials will have backup plans already in place, be it alterative rooms inside the venue or tented/marquee areas. If you’re going to book open-air transport such as a horse and cart, ensure you have access to alternative wheels just in case. Also, it’s an obvious point, but check and keep checking the weather in the days leading up to the big day, as forecast really can differ greatly from day to day.


Talk to your photographer
Sit down and chat with your photographer and set out your wet weather contingency plan in advance. He or she will have oodles of experience with rainy wedding days and if they have worked in your venue before they will know all the dry spots like gazebos or covered terraces that will work no matter what the weather. Also, as many photographers will tell you, it is very rare to have a day where it rained all day… it’s almost certain there will be breaks in the weather and this is when you can run out and get those vital shots. Plus your wedding venue is bound to have some really beautiful indoor spaces too, so make use of them. Also don’t forget that rain can actually lead to some truly stunning pictures which you would otherwise not be able to achieve.


Bridal Party Essentials
Makeup and hair can take hours to complete and so if the weather does decide to turn rainy, then you’ll need to make sure you have some essentials on standby to fix any potential hair and makeup related issues! Waterproof mascara is essential, as well as having some tissues and small face towels on standby, as well as hairspray and extra pins in case the wet weather impacts on the hair. If it’s really chilly then have pocket hand warmers for the bridal party and wraps for the brides and bridesmaids too. A white sheet is always good for helping to keep the bottom of the dress dry.


Umbrellas and Footwear
It’s an obvious one, but make sure to have a good supply of umbrellas, even if you don’t think its forecast to rain, have at least enough umbrellas on standby for the immediate bridal party just in case. If it’s pretty certain that rain is forecast then look for some really prey umbrellas that are going to look amazing in the pictures. Think about colours and different fabrics. Also bring backup wellies, especially if the forecast is looking dodgy so you can get from A to B without ruining your expensive white bridal shoes! Wellies can also make for some really fun pix too!


Don’t Panic
Finally, if the heavens open, don’t panic and don’t let rain spoil this special day you’ve worked so hard to plan. Remember the day is about you and your partner and your family and friends all coming to together to celebrate your love and rain can’t spoil that! Plus as I’ve outlined with a little prep, you’ll be able to easily cope and you’ll even end up getting some amazingly pictures that not many other couples will have!

Wedding Food Stations

Gone are the days of the traditional rules when it comes to wedding food. These days’ couples can choose from a variety of options, with food stations becoming a very popular choice. The trend really started with sweet tables, which morphed into dessert tables and now we’ve got everything from cotton candy stations, to pizza, ice cream, sushi and everything in between.

What’s nice about a wedding food station or table is that you can choose how and when it is served. You can have a table of antipasti for grazing before the ceremony, or a spread of make-your-own nachos for your midnight snack. The choice really is up to you, but generally speaking they are a super fun way to entertain your guests and are a fabulous ice breaker too.

If you’d like to chat about any aspect of your wedding planning, then please get in touch.
Sushi and Asian
Plates of colourful sushi really makes a great visual impact for your guests. Make sure you have veggie options available too, as not everyone likes the idea of raw or even cooked fish inside the sushi rolls. Why not add some Asian noodles too and let guests put them into mini takeaway boxes at the food station?


Make it Yourself
The essence of a Make-it-Yourself food station is fun, fun, fun! They are a great way to get your guests mingling and you can really choose from anything your taste buds can imagine. Some popular ideas are; nachos, tacos, cupcake decorating, s’mores, baked potatoes and even snazzy sandwich stations!


Fun Junk Food
Yes junk food is naughty, but it’s also a treat and what better time to indulge than on your wedding day. Think pizza, mini burgers or sliders, hot dogs and fish and chips! These sorts of foods tend to go down really well with young and old alike. Why not get creative with the packaging and have takeaway style boxes and containers for you guests to use at the food station.


Everyone loves an antipasti platter. Think of having an array of cured meats, cheeses, breads, focaccia, olives, roasted veggies and tapenade. This sort of food station makes a great grazing table for pre or post main meal times.


This option is ideal for bringing out your inner child! Think of having popcorn, candyfloss, candy apples, retro sweets and chocolate fountains with lots of fab dippers like marshmallows and fruit to complete the carnival feel. Everyone young and old will enjoy this style of food station.

Burlap Wedding Decor

If you’re looking to give your wedding day that signature rustic or even vintage feel, then prepare to make burlap your new BFF. The handy material can be used in a myriad of ways and is a DIY décor lover’s dream. It’s also relatively cheap and makes a fantastic impact. Think about incorporating it into your pew ends at the church or ceremony venue, your table décor, your table plans, even in your bouquets and buttonholes.
As an award-winning wedding planner, I’ve seen burlap used to great effect over the years and here are a few of my top tips on ways to use it in your big day décor.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help with your wedding, then please get in touch.


Pew Ends
Burlap is the perfect match to lavender and gypsophila. Make little cones to hold the posies, or use it to make oversized bows mixed with ribbon and lace. Tie it around lanterns or candles or use it to hang mini hearts too.


Buttonholes & Bouquets
Tying burlap around your bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets is a subtle way to add a touch of the material to your big day. But if you want to ramp it up a bit, why not pop in some burlap flowers into the bouquets too? And don’t forget the guys! Burlap wrapped around the groom and groomsman’s buttonholes is a lovely way to accent the look.


Table Décor
Your table décor is one of the big things to consider on your wedding day and if you’re keen in get that rustic chic or vintage look across then this is the ideal time to roll out the burlap! It looks amazing wrapped around mason jars accented with lace, for example. Table runners are another really show stopping look. For little pops why not have the cutlery sitting in burlap or dot the table with wooden and burlap accents.


Have fun with your favours and if you’re a bit of a wedding DIY buff then this is where you’ll come into your own! Why not wrap some retro sweets in burlap wrap? Use it to cover the lids of homemade jam jars? Wrap some lavender soaps, or coffee beans or use it to go around the pots of mini plants or cacti? Also wrapping some dried lavender or potpourri in burlap is a lovely favour guests can put into their wardrobes or drawers as a scent.


Bunting & Pompoms

Another great way to highlight burlap is with bunting or pompoms. Think about stringing bunting from any balconies in the venue or on the cake or dessert table. Hang pompoms from the celling or dot them on the table for a stunning look. They can both also be used to great effect in your pictures.


Something Blue

The saying goes; ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue,’ for what a bride should wear on her wedding day for good luck. The rhyme has its roots in 19th Century England, but it’s a ritual that is still popular today with many brides around the world. While it can be easy enough to get you hands on something new, something old and something borrowed, many brides are left wondering what they can have for their something blue, apart from the obvious blue garter!

As an award-winning wedding planner, I’ve chatted to lots of brides about different ways to incorporate that ‘something blue’ into their wedding day. Thankfully today brides are spoil for choice in what they can use. Here’s just a small selection of some of the more unusual and modern ways to add in that ‘something blue.’ If you’d like to chat about your wedding day in more detail, please get in touch.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahnik proposal shoe from the Sex and the City Movie has inspired a whole generation of women to go for blue shoes on their wedding day. But if you don’t fancy the stark contrast of a rich blue shoe, why not consider blue shoe clips, blue ‘I Do’ stickers for the soles of your shoes or look for shoes with a blue sole or insole for that hint of the colour.


Secret Label or Bows
When it comes to your ‘something blue’, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that’s visible to everyone. Sewing a custom label with the wedding date and details on it, into your wedding dress is a subtle and very personal way to get your ‘something blue’ included in your day. Equally tying a blue ribbon on the underside of the dress is a quick, easy and also very personal touch.


For the bride who likes to multi-task, why not have your bridesmaids dressed in blue? It’s a really simple way to make sure you’ve got that ‘something blue’ box ticked and it solves the questions of what colour to have for your bridesmaids dresses!


Wedding Hanger
More and more brides and their bridesmaids have custom made hangers for the big day, so why not go for a blue one, for a unique take on ‘something blue?’


Flowers are a more visible way to inject that splash of ‘something blue’ into your wedding, but the beauty of flowers is that the colour can be as strong or light as you wish, depending on the flowers. Also don’t forget you can wrap some blue ribbon around the base of the bouquet either.


There is something really vintage chic about hairpins and combs on a wedding day, whether your hair is up or down. And if you’re lucky enough to have a special hair slide or pin from a relative that has a touch of blue to it, then it’s the perfect way to tick ‘something blue’ (and something old) off the list!


Not every bride is into nails, but it’s surprising how amazing a pop of colour can look on those wedding day talons. If the thought of blue nails scares you, think about super light baby blue shades or some cool 3D embellishments. Don’t forget you could paint your toenails too, as those are less visible!


If you’re not keen on having something blue in relation to your dress, hair or makeup, then why not go with a blue cake? It’s a great way to inject some colour into your big day and a really unique way to get that ‘something blue’ in there.

Have fun with your wedding day transport and go for ‘something blue!’ Vintage style VW campers or beetles are a great choice, as are Vespa’s and even push bikes too!


For a really unique take on the ‘something blue,’ why not create a signature blue cocktail and have it waiting for your guests when they arrive? Or have blue bubbles for the wedding toast?